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Tin Fung Jewellery Ltd.

Tin Fung Jewellery Casting Co. was founded in 1988 in Hong Kong as a cultured company in precious metal casting. The company first started up its business in metal molding and carving, and has gained a high reputation and popularity in the metal industry in Hong Kong, which has thus brought recognitions and appreciations to the company and its works.


With the stunning performances of Tin Fung and the growing market demand, the company has decided to expand its business in 2005 by establishing Yat Fung Precious Metals Manufactory Co. Ltd, in creating different kinds of gold accessories and jewelleries, as well as opening up other metal-related fields, such as gold trading, precious metal refining, and precious metal recycling.


Besides, with the company’s fame and experience, it has started to engage in partnerships with other metal companies in order to further broaden its businesses.

Tin Fung Jewellery Limited has been using advanced and professional machineries imported from other countries, and with excellent and skillful metal-casting processes. It has also contributed to environmental-friendliness by utilizing a closed and pollution-free refining system and a perfect environmental protection processing system to exhale the waste gas and sewage. Tin Fung also has well-trained elites in manufacturing their renowned products and providing the high-quality and all-round services for their customers.


Since Tin Fung’s establishment, the company has been emphasizing its production quality, service attitude, and reputation, while committing to their company’s motto “Quality Assurance, Quality Guaranteed”. Aiming at satisfying and impressing its customers, the company has dedicated itself to serve and has taken their customers as their first priority. It has no doubt that Tin Fung has uphold an outstanding and leading quality in production, service, and reputation.


Since 2015 and up till now, Tin Fung is focusing on the production of machining chains series, such as the Cross Diamond Cut Chain Series, and the Star Weave Chain Series. It continues to manufacture high-quality gold accessories and jewelleries, and provide professional services to the customers. The company is looking forward with passion to work and collaborate with any individuals or organizations who see the common visions as them. In the coming future, Tin Fung Jewellery Ltd. will keep on striving for the best to fulfill different demands and producing the latest gold accessories and jewelleries.  

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