Blk F-H, 19/F., Koon Wo Industrial Bldg., 63-75 Ta Chuen Ping Street,

Kwai Chung, N.T.
Hong Kong

Smart Zone (HK) Limited

SmartZone takes pride in its new line of “SMART” products. The company offers superior quality toys and household items with “SMART” concepts and pricing.

Having strong research and development capabilities that can provide full product development support to buyers, SmartZone strives to cater to its customers’ personalized needs.

As a manufacturer, SmartZone is able to provide its own fully developed lines of toys and house wares as well as zooming in on designs that meet its customer’s specific needs. The company is also happy to make customized products!

SmartZone cares about its products. Its quality and safety Assurance Team is involved in every phase of product development and it follows the whole manufacturing process. Through its in-house and external laboratory testing, the company has strong commitment to quality and safety, and it strives to ensure that its products meet the quality requirements of its clients.

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